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Please SUPPORT our CMA staff!!!

ny stateWe urge you to call your New York State Senator office today to urge him/her to support the 2% increase for the direct support salaries that is being discussed in the Senate today.  Remind him/her that this is the 6th year without a cost of living increase for this group.

To get the name and telephone number of the senator who represents you, go on to the League of Women Voters website, put in your zip code and look up your NYS Senator.

If you would like to contact the senators who represent our homes, you can call:

Jack Martins           (518) 455-3265               

Irma, Avenue C, 100 Manhasset Avenue, 3 Manhasset Avenue, 29 Sands Point, Kings Point, Carleton

Kemp Hannon        (518) 455-2200                

Hidden Lane, Arleigh

Carl Marcellino       (518) 455-2390                


Dean Skelos            (516) 766-8383                 Senate Majority Co-Leader

This MUST be done today.  Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard.

 Thank you.

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