CMA helps men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities live full, rich lives in their communities by providing residential, vocational and case management services.

If you have a developmental disability and need help with everyday challenges, what type of a home do you want?

If you have a son or daughter with a developmental disability who needs some help each day, what kind of life do you want them to have?

Most likely the answer is: A safe home surrounded by friends and people who care, in a small group residence or an apartment situated in a well-cared for community.

CMA currently operates 11 family-like residences for adults with developmental disabilities (and a 12th home is about to open). We provide long-term living arrangements that have the necessary supervision and structure essential to a quality program.

CMA has homes in local communities — in Kings Point, Port Washington, Glen Cove and Westbury, New York. Some are staffed 24 hours a day, others have staff who visit to provide help. CMA works to help each person in our family to do as much for himself as he can, to teach her to do the things she can learn to do. Everyday tasks like doing laundry and cooking, and harder things too, such as coping with upsetting situations, conflicts with friends and family, and planning leisure time and activities.

Our supervised group homes serve between five and twelve people, with staff available 24 hours a day. These residents need assistance with personal safety, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good grooming and feeling calm and secure. They also need help with learning daily skills like telling time, doing laundry and dressing appropriately.

Please call us to learn how we can support you or your loved one.

Residential Services Contact
Heather Aylward
516-683-0710 x 209


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