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Three New Jobs in October – A Great Month for Working Together!

Working Together is pleased to share that three participants began new jobs this fall!  One participant is working as a mail clerk at a Great Neck law firm; another began a new job at Stop n Shop; and another began working as a receptionist at CMA’s administrative offices!   Happily, plans are underway for a fourth participant to begin a new job at Home Goods!

Gwen, working at CMA’s offices

It is a goal of Working Together to help participants prepare for and obtain employment.  This includes helping them prepare their resumes, working with them to prepare for job interviews, and reviewing the job tasks and responsibilities with them.  At CMA, we celebrate this news because we know how difficult it has been for each person to get their job.  All have struggled with unemployment and worked very hard to achieve this goal.

“I really like my new job,” Joe says.  “The people are friendly and I am leaning new things.  I got my first paycheck but I am going to save it.  Everyone says I am doing a wonderful job.  I never saw myself working in a corporate office, but I really like it.  I feel luck to have such a good job.”

CMA extends congratulations to all!  To learn more about Working Together or about offering employment to one of our participants, contact Lori Gobioff at


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