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Our fight to restore $120 million dollars for our programs for people with developmental disabilities continues!


There are rumors from Albany that $30 million will be restored, with a provider tax.




We need FULL RESTORATION of the $120 million.  Please help us by doing the following:


1.)   Calling GOVERNOR CUOMO RIGHT NOW – 518-474-8390 – and tell him the full $120 million needs to be restored.


2.)  Thank your legislator (518-455-4100 and the switchboard can direct you) for supporting the restoration – thousands of New Yorkers depend on this funding to live their day to day lives.  HOWEVER:  our fight is not over.  We need your continued support to make sure the Governor restores the FULL $120 million!


THIS IS URGENT.  Programs will close, jobs and services will be lost…we desperately need you to call and tell the Governor to restore the $120 million.


Call NOW

– before it is too late.  Please call today & tomorrow.



Your voice, all our voices, can make the difference.  Thank you for caring.



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