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We Have One More Chance!

Dear CMA Friends and Families,

It looks like we have one more shot to have our government funding for 2013-2014 restored.  Even though the latest budget agreement has us withstanding a 4.5% cut, on Wednesday and Thursday this week an amendment will be proposed by the Minority parties in both the Senate and the Assembly to fully restore the cut against our services.  We need you to urge members of the majority in each house (democrats in the Assembly and republicans in the Senate to speak up and vote For the amendment).

PLEASE, contact your Democratic Assembly members and Republican Senators and share the message below:

When you consider the final budget on Wednesday or Thursday, an amendment to fully restore the 6% cut against services will be offered during the budget debate. As you know this cut is catastrophic to the people with developmental disabilities, their families and the employees who serve them in your district. I am a (parent, family member, person with a developmental disability, employee serving people with developmental disabilities) and I urge you to SPEAK and VOTE FOR the amendment. I am eager to watch the webcast of the proceedings and to see how you vote.”

For the Senate, use the Senate switchboard # 518-455-2800.

For the Assembly, use the Assembly switchboard # 518-455-4100.

Find your Legislators at:


Assembly: (You can also call Assembly Republicans and Senate Democrats and urge them to speak for the amendment though we expect them to vote for it.)

Thank-you for your support!

Eileen McDonald Egan
Executive Director, CMA


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