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Patti McDonald

Patti McDonald Is Honored at the 45th CMA Gala

Over the years, we’ve grown and thrived in several communities thanks to the dedication and selfless service of men and women like Patti Ann McDonald. This year we are proud to recognize Patti Ann McDonald as one of the honorees for our annual gala on November 7th. Continue reading to learn about Patti’s journey, her history of service, and advocacy for Community Mainstreaming. Overcoming Tragedy Patti and her late husband, New York City police officer Steven McDonald, were married for 31 years.

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Intellectual Disabilities

7 Cool Assistive Technologies Driving Accessibility for Intellectual Disabilities

Assistive Technological solutions are improving accessibility options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. First defined in federal law with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1990 (IDEA), assistive technology can include any software, device, or equipment used to bolster or maintain the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. For this article, we’ll focus on a few assistive technological solutions that have or are improving accessibility for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  1. Audible Whether the issue is

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