CMA Individual Profile – Adam Garyn

Most people who live in one of CMA’s residences have many shared experiences. Although there are similarities interwoven throughout everyone’s personal journeys, each individual story is unique. Adam Garyn’s story is one of perseverance and personal growth. Adam was born into a loving family and home in Dix Hills on September 2, 1994. Adam said that he had a great childhood. He loved learning and school, especially high school. He is a proud graduate of Commack High School, where he consistently received good grades. Like most boys, Adam was extremely close to his mother, who sadly passed away when he was only 18 years old. A few years after this tragedy, Adam was introduced to CMA.

Adam arrived at his first CMA residence, Hidden Lane, in 2017. He says he loved living there, formed several close friendships, and that he did very well for the first 2 years. In 2019 however, Adam started to have some challenges. He admitted that he needed a change of scenery, and luckily, CMA had the perfect opening.

In 2019, Adam moved into the Carleton residence, and for the past 2 years, Adam has truly thrived. At Carleton, sometimes lovingly referred to as “the frat house” because the five residents who live there are all men, Adam was able to share his biggest passion, sports. Adam loves all things sports and is a self-proclaimed fanatic! Although Adam loves many sports, his favorite sport is basketball, which he plays often and watches even more. He is a huge NJ Nets fan and has been since a child. Most people just love the NBA for their favorite players or teams…but Adam has a much broader appreciation. His favorite part of the NBA is the league’s diversity. Adam admires that a single team could not only have players from all over the United States, but from all around the world. He noted that some of his favorite players are from Africa, Asia and the Ukraine. He also said that he admires the marketing and business side of the NBA. In fact, one of Adam’s favorite hobbies is trading, selling, and collecting all sorts of sports memorabilia. From rare baseball cards to autographed basketball jerseys, Adam collects it all. Adam is also a huge music fan, particularly Rock and Roll. He has taught himself to play guitar and has collected several that he plays regularly.

Adam is a very energetic and determined young man. His work ethic is unmatched. Adam says that he loves to work for three main reasons. Work brings a sense of fulfillment, economic independence, and the opportunity for many learning experiences. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the world was shutting down, many Americans withdrew into their homes in fear. Anxiety and uncertainty abounded. But it’s the choices that one makes, and how one faces adversity that defines us, and Adam would not let the pandemic slow him down. Instead of retreating, Adam confronted it head on. In fact, working at Stop and Shop, Adam was deemed an essential employee. Adam worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, often working long hours five to six days a week! Adam takes the COVID safety protocols extremely seriously. Because of his vigilant adherence to wearing appropriate PPE, and following a rigorous hygiene and handwashing regimen, Adam was able to remain COVID-free throughout this pandemic, even in such a high-risk job interacting with hundreds of people each and every day. In fact, Adam has made so many personal strides, that Adam was able to recently move out of the Carleton residence and join CMA’s new Launchpad program.

Through the Launchpad program, Adam can experience more opportunities for independence. Adam and his roommate share a third-floor, two-bedroom apartment attached to CMA’s Kings Point residence. They have the entire third-story apartment to themselves. The newly renovated apartment comes equipped with its own gigantic bathroom and fully functional kitchen. Here, CMA staff will help Adam learn the life skills necessary to live an even more independent life. Adam says that he is very happy to have this opportunity, and that he will put in the effort. Adam’s ultimate goal is to live entirely on his own, and he knows that this move is a big step towards that dream.

Adam says that he is looking forward to his future. He wants to get his driver’s license, take college courses, and get a job where he makes more money so that he can buy a car and eventually live on his own. Adam said that he loves CMA. When asked why, he said,

“CMA makes me feel secure. I feel safe. I have grown a lot. At Hidden and Carleton, I didn’t just learn skills, I learned how to get along and how to live with so many different types of people. Where I am right now, I just love it. I’m so happy. I feel like I am living my best life.”

Adam Garyn