Meet Philip from Our Day Program

Philip loves to work in his community. He finds his “dream job” in an office environment. His is a story of “having a dream” and realizing that “dreams do come true” when you “believe in yourself”.

Nine years ago, Philip joined the CMA Day Habilitation Program, where he enjoyed the activities but was very motivated to work.  CMA worked with Philip and helped him find two part-time jobs.  One was at CMA’s Sweet Comfort bakery and coffee shop, where Philip was in charge of weighing, measuring, and packaging products.  Philip was extremely meticulous and good at these tasks.  He also enjoyed being part of the coffee shop team.  It was a cool place to work, but Philip’s dream job was to work in an office. 

Philip began working part-time at a local law firm in 2013 while continuing to work at the Sweet Comfort Bakery until their closure in August 2017. In December of 2018, CMA’s Employment Coordinator, Geri Pesko, supported Philip in obtaining a temporary part-time job as an office assistant at another law firm. This job allowed Philip to gain some more valuable skills and increase his work hours.

With the exception of furlough time lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Philip has continued to work at the law firm. Philip works in the Human Resources department scanning, filing and copying. Philip’s good work and dedication have earned him a promotion and increased hours, with expanded responsibilities including the organization and distribution of supplies, processing the daily mail, and sanitizing high-touch surfaces in the office’s common areas.

“I love my job and working with the people. Every day is one that I enjoy,” said Philip. “After a furlough due to the pandemic, I was asked by the firm to return to work and promoted from my previous job title of “Scanner” to “Office Clerk.” I was given a raise, in addition to having my hours increased to twenty-five from ten. The office made official notice of my promotion to the rest of the staff via interoffice e-mail. People that knew me, plus others I did not know came over to congratulate me. I felt wonderful!”