National Disability Employment Awareness Month: CMA’s Role

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Community Mainstreaming Associates (CMA) celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities past and present and showcases supportive, inclusive employment policies and practices.

Advocacy for Disability Employment Awareness Through Community Outreach

CMA’s mission is to always empower employees and inform employers about the many benefits of employing workers with disabilities in their companies. Through our Supported Employment program, we assist employers in understanding diverse workers and designing accommodations to optimize their ability to do the job. In addition, we emphasize the value of having a diverse workforce that embraces and utilizes people’s unique skills and talents.

Our Supported Employment Program

Several unique features define our Supported Employment program. The driving message is that all individuals with disabilities are employable with targeted assistance and guidance.

Our employment specialists work with each individual’s interests, strengths, and personal goals to discover the right fit for them. This includes situational assessments in realistic work environments and person-centered planning. The team also actively builds community and business supports or accommodations to ensure high-quality outcomes and job seekers’ satisfaction.

On-The-Job Assistance

Our team doesn’t just help people get their foot in the door. We continue supporting them to make strides even after they’ve secured a position.

Sometimes, the people we support aren’t aware of how employees conduct themselves in a workplace setting, such as what to do during break time or how to communicate with coworkers and supervisors. Job coaches assist in these situations. They provide on-the-job training based on the requirements and specifications of the role. This alleviates training times and the costs involved.

A Mutually Beneficial Experience

Our business partners are always impressed by our workers’ dedication and pride in their employment opportunities. They are usually the first to arrive and are very focused on the tasks at hand. They are known to be dedicated and loyal employees with excellent retention. Employers that provide these opportunities give deserving people a chance to be contributing members of society.

The ability to help improve someone’s quality of life is a rewarding experience. It not only has a positive impact on the business and the individual but the community as well.

Exemplary Employees

Not only are you getting employees that have been prescreened to ensure they meet the job’s minimum requirements, but employees that can’t wait to get started. As an employer, from day one, consider the following benefits you are gaining:

Dependability and Flexibility

Employees placed through Supported Employment programs have excellent attendance. They are also often willing to fill in when other employees are out sick or on vacation.


Our workers’ pride in their job and where they work is always apparent. These employees come to work eager and ready for whatever the workday has in store for them. Their positive attitude is infectious and is passed on to coworkers and customers.


CMA assesses our worker’s skills and provides training to ensure that the applicant meets the job’s minimum qualifications. This is also when Job Coaches come into play. Job coaches make the transition to new positions and work environments as seamless as possible.

A Message to be Remembered Throughout the Year

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is a reminder of all of the wonderful aspects of employing a neurodiverse workforce. We at Community Mainstreaming Associates (CMA) take this month to educate our peers and business partners about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of workers with disabilities. 

Consider hiring qualified workers of all abilities in your company’s business plan! 

For further information, contact: Coral Krieger, Director of Supported Employment and Community Habilitation at Community Mainstreaming Associates.