The Positive Impact of Vocational and Day Programs

day program participant sitting in garden

Most intellectual and developmental disabilities are characterized by challenges with intellectual functioning, affecting the capacity to learn, reason, and problem-solve. It could also impact other adaptive behavior skills, including everyday social and life skills. The good news is that Community Mainstreaming Associates offers vocational and day programs that help make a positive difference.

With some assistance, most individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities can develop skills and utilize their talents to become successfully employed in almost any professional field.

Our Vocational and Day Programs

At Community Mainstreaming Associates, we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are committed to helping them lead more purposeful, self-determined lives in their communities. There’s no better way to assist than through our vocational and day programs, Supported Employment and Day Habilitation Without Walls.

These programs are specifically designed to help develop skills for work readiness and competitive employment. This ultimately increases each person’s independence and self-esteem.

Supported Employment Program

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We employ a person-centered approach in our Supported Employment program

. Our team helps individuals to realize their interests and strengths through a thorough discovery process and then we help search for employment opportunities that match the person’s abilities and interests.

We assist each of our program participants through their job application and interview processes. We also employ job coaching and support on the job, to ensure the continued success of each employee. Our expert team is available to help with any problems that arise, such as navigating relationships with coworkers and assisting participants in learning new assignments.

Day Habilitation Without Walls Program

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We help individuals identify and develop job skills, social and recreational interests, and volunteer opportunities through our Day Habilitation Without Walls program. This accessible program takes place at several locations throughout the community, and participants are picked up and dropped off each day by Community Mainstreaming staff.

Daily activities consist of community-based events chosen by the group. Activities include walking on nature trails, scavenger hunts, basketball, gardening, art therapy, music therapy, and more. There are opportunities to participate in volunteer activities such as working at food pantries and animal shelters, and visiting senior citizens. The program also includes activities that help expose individuals to different types of employment opportunities, such as office work, food preparation, e-commerce, and work on computers.

Through these activities, participants will get a deeper awareness of the community, themselves, and society. Increased respect for others, the ability to direct their own lives, and evolve as individuals are key program focuses.

Changing the Narrative

individual holding folders in work attire

Meet Philip, who joined CMA by enrolling in our Day Habilitation program over nine years ago. He was very motivated to work and enjoyed the program activities. His dream was to work in an office, and our staff helped make his dream come true.

Community Mainsteaming’s Employment Coordinator assisted Philip in securing temporary part-time employment as an office assistant at a law firm.

Philip has continued to work for the law firm. His hard work and dedication earned him a promotion, expanded responsibilities, and increased hours.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

At Community Mainstreaming, we rely on the generosity of individuals within the community to help us achieve our mission.

There are various ways to show your support including monetary donations, corporate sponsorships, volunteering, and naming opportunities. Your support makes a world of difference and allows us to continue our vocational and day programs.