Residential Programs

At Community Mainstreaming, we offer a range of residential opportunities for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD). With our programs, individuals with IDD and their families can select the level of support that makes the most sense to create opportunities for fulfillment and personal exploration.

Most importantly, we work to foster growth in a supportive and safe environment through a variety of Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs). Read more about the residential programs and services offered at Community Mainstreaming.

Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs) are certified residences for people who are covered under the auspices of the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Community Mainstreaming operates both Supervised and Supportive IRAs — where those with IDDs can receive the proper level of supports to achieve:

  • Increased independence
  • Community integration
  • Establishment of meaningful social relationships
  • Healthy living practices and exercise
  • Variety and frequency of activity participation
  • Appropriate behavior skills
  • Empowerment of individuals to make informed choices
  • Social inclusion

Community Mainstreaming offers OPWDD-certified, 24-hour supervised, residential support, where our experienced staff are available to provide services around the clock. We assist individuals in developing life skills at home and in their community. Our teams of professionals will help with medical, financial, and personal needs — as well as share in everyday triumphs and challenges.

For individuals who are aging and have more complex medical needs or are experiencing dementia, we also offer a specialized Alzheimer’s/Dementia home. In this home, we provide high-quality, individualized care to ensure the person with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and other age related medical-challenges receive the support they need as they navigate new and often difficult day-to-day challenges.

Community Mainstreaming offers Supported Individual Residential Alternatives for those looking for more independent residential opportunities. With this type of arrangement, individuals can live in a home or apartment with friends and receive a lighter touch of services to support their success in navigating the daily demands of life. The homes or apartments are certified by the OPWDD for 2 or 3 roommates.

The experienced staff at Community Mainstreaming will provide support for individuals based on their individual needs. In most instances, we will provide approximately 20 hours per week of services. While everyone’s needs can vary, some of the most common areas of support can include:

  • Cooking and meal planning,
  • Medical appointment planning and follow-up
  • Banking and budget management
  • Transportation and travel training
  • Opportunities to engage in social and recreational opportunities at home and in their community.

Each individual participates in the development of a personal life plan, along with their care coordinator, CMA staff, friends, and family members of their choosing.

If you are interested in learning more about the residential services offered through Community Mainstreaming, please contact us today.