Vocational & Day Programs

At Community Mainstreaming, we work to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live more meaningful, self-determined lives within their communities. One of the ways we help people achieve this goal is through our unique day programs.

Our unique day programs connect people to their community, provide opportunities to make friends, teach a myriad of skills, develop work readiness, and ultimately increase independence. We offer two different programs: Day Habilitation Without Walls and Supported Employment.

Community Mainstreaming’s Day Habilitation Without Walls helps people identify and develop work, social, and recreational passions and skills through person-centered planning. The program takes place at different sites in the community. Participants are picked up and dropped off by Community Mainstreaming staff each day.

Daily activities are comprised of community-based experiences which are chosen by the group.  Everyone has the opportunity to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their community, themselves, and their society;
  • Increase respect for others, direct their own lives, grow as an individual, and increase civic participation.

Community Mainstreaming provides supported employment through both ACCES-VR and OPWDD. Based on the Person-Centered approach, our supported employment process begins with a thorough discovery phase. We work to uncover the individual’s personal strengths, preferences, and interests. Once we have documented these critical considerations, we then help the individual with:

  • Active job searches
  • Interview preparation
  • Continual job coaching.

Our staff support participants even after the job starts. We help individuals understand the specific responsibilities of their new job and our experienced staff will continue to be available to solve any problems that come up. This may include navigating relationships with co-workers and helping participants learn new assignments.

Supported Employment can also be a significant asset to employers. Across the United States, there are more than 170,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities working through supported employment. Employers offering this type of employment often experience a variety of benefits ranging from tax credits and reduced training costs to a reduction in staff turnover and increased customer loyalty.

In collaboration with Hofstra University Continuing Education, we offer classes for young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. All classes and activities take place on Hofstra’s campus. The program allows young adults to have inclusive interactions with peers on campus and to connect with many campus resources, based on their individual interest and career goals. Students will become acquainted with campus life by dining at the Mack Student Center; visiting the Hofstra Bookstore, the Hofstra University Museum, WRHU-88.7 FM (Radio Hofstra University) studios, and video studios; meeting with Hofstra’s athletic teams; and exploring the athletic facilities. A comprehensive social skills curriculum, which includes exercises and class discussions, as well as daily interactions with different student groups on campus help students feel comfortable in a campus setting.

Whether you’re an individual with intellectual/developmental disabilities, a family member, or an employer looking to offer supported employment opportunities, Community Mainstreaming can help. Contact us today.