At Community Mainstreaming, we rely on the generosity of people within the community like you to help us achieve our mission. The selfless contribution of your time, talents, and passions make an immediate and long-term impact in the lives of the adults with IDDs we serve. In return, you’ll gain a rewarding and fulfilling personal experience.

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Different Types of Volunteering Opportunities at CMA

Financial Literacy Education

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a personal finance guru? Or are you the person friends and family members turn to with questions about managing money? If so, you could be the perfect volunteer to help teach financial literacy skills to our participants. Whether you work in banking or someone with a significantly level of financial maturity, you can work one-on-one to offer your expertise and help people with IDD gain a better understanding on ways to increase savings, credit, and budgeting skills.

General Hands-On Volunteering Opportunities

Hands-on Volunteer Opportunities

The majority of the volunteering opportunities at CMA are what we consider to be “hands-on” and are essentially tailored to your unique interests and expertise. You’ll work closely with our team during orientation to learn tips and best practices to ensure your experience is as rewarding and meaningful for you as well as the participants.

Professional Development

Volunteer Opportunities - Professional Development

Our professional development volunteering opportunities involve you working up close and personal with participants to help them learn skills required to find gainful employment. While it will undoubtedly involve resume and cover letter writing, the session also features information on interviewing, managing online applications, creating email correspondences, and following up with potential employers. If you have experience in any or all of these areas, you may be a great professional development volunteer.

Artistic Impressions

Volunteer Opportunities - Artistic Impressions

The artistic impressions volunteering opportunity involves you helping our participants through an art-related session. Focused on the power of expression, this session strives to help participants learn new talents while using art as a new form of expression.

Beautification Projects

Volunteer Opportunities - Beautification Projects

Through this program, you can assist a participant in the process of beautifying schools, properties and homes throughout the Long Island area. Based on your availability and skillset, you can help plant gardens, clean up areas, help with special renovation projects, paint murals, and similar types of activities.

Recreation Sessions

Volunteer Opportunities - Recreation Sessions

In our recreation sessions, you can help our participants with a range of different recreational activities, such as arts, activities, fitness, yoga, art, photography, drama, and creative writing. In fact, you can volunteer in any area you wish to share a special interest with others. You’ll have the option to volunteer for a half day or for a full day.

Help Keep our Supply Closet, Filled with Supplies

At CMA, we have a long list of materials and products that are essential to what we do and the participants we support. As a result, many of our volunteers host supply drives. While we always have a strong need for personal care products like toiletries, we encourage you to reach out to us for a more specific list of the supplies we need.

Contact Community Mainstreaming for Volunteering Opportunities

Whether you’re an artist looking to share your craft or someone willing to make an impact within your community; you’ll have the opportunity to help shape lives at Community Mainstreaming. We will provide you with the training, resources and support to optimize your volunteering opportunity to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

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