We Stand with Our Community During this Difficult Time

CMA Stands with our community

Dear Community Mainstreaming Associates Employees, Family Members, and Friends,

These last few weeks have been extremely emotional for all human beings, as the reality of systemic racism and hatred has been brought to light once again and the senseless, horrible death of George Floyd reminds us of many other examples of how people of color have been oppressed and have suffered disproportionately for hundreds of years in this country.   

The majority of CMA staff are people of color, and I can tell you that the diversity of backgrounds has only enhanced the care and relationships in our community. CMA staff share their talents and their cultures to enrich the lives of others. They have shared their love, friendship, protection, kindness, comfort, compassion, and humor with our family members.  We stand firmly with our diverse community in grief and anger about these recent events in the news, and we support the Black members of our community. As Colleagues.  As Friends.  As Family. We condemn acts of racism, intolerance, injustice, and violence. It is time for change.

We will continue to work toward our organization’s values of empathy, inclusion, and social justice for all. For our staff, for our program participants, for everyone involved with our CMA Family.  

Eileen McDonald Egan,

Executive Director